User accounts and permissions

SkapaFlex Connective is a modern platfrom for e-mail communication. In large corporations the creation process for newsletters, internal information and invitations can be quite complex, SkapaFlex allows for users to have different levels of entitlements and permissions. You can control users ability to access information, approve newsletters and distribute them. This function is unique to our system and simplifies the cooperation and approval process for large widespread corporations.

Unified communication for widespread organisations

Every completed and approved article can create value but to different markets, sharing articles can help ease the work load for different departments within the organisation. Through the article database you can share and distribute articles between users, access levels and languages, this makes it real easy to start and spread the work load over the organisation. Even the transaltion process is made easy with SkapaFlex Connective, for example, the information department in USA and Finland can use information or articles made in Poland.

Use one or several templates

Every account have room for one or several templates, the templates are created from scratch by our Art Director in consulation with you and along company guidlines. Use different templates for different occasions such as inviations, staff information and newsletters to clients. Simple, clear and flexible.

Searchable media library

Store photos and files in the media library and share between the accounts, users and access levels. You can group photos into categories for your newsletters, which makes it easier to search for relevant photos.

Detailed statistics from each dispatched newsletter

Unlimited address storage for each account

Unlimited newsletter dispatches