What is Connective?

Usually, the focus for distributors of e-newsletter systems is the actual delivery, however this is the simplest part of the process. We have chosen to make the harder parts of the process simpler, to make the time consuming parts more effecient and easy. Among other things, we have made it easier to create content, contribute to created articles and getting items approved. In general it’s quite hard to reuse newsletter material and articles for new dispatches to reach new markets and target groups, we have made this easier through a translation tool and a searchable article database. This allows you to create an easy workflow for big and widespread organisations and corporations. Our address handling is easy, effecient and safe. Even when you use large volumes of addresses or want to combine new lists with older once already in the system.

And it is still easy to send.

With years of experience in digital communication, we saw the need for a simple system and created SkapaFlex Connective with focus on the challenging work of the marketing departments. SkapaFlex Connective allows you to target your chosen groups in a modern and effecient way through e-marketing communication – newsletters, invitations or internal mail. What makes SkapaFlex Connective unique is the work flow and article database, it adapts easily to your companys needs and situation.

The powerful online platform lets you create, share and distribute articles, files and newsletters internally or external. The independant yet defined workflow makes the newsletter creation process easy and clear, through the access levels you can control newsletter approvals.

The advanced article database keeps track of all articles, in what department they were created and which country. Articles can be shared between users, countries and access levels. The address database keeps track of your new and used adress lists and subscribers, which makes it easy to distribute. The detailed statistics provides you with insights and progression of the newsletter as well as help with future development.

We use templates to create the newsletters, we design the templates from scratch with your consultation and along your company specific guidlines.

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