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Will social media replace email?

Todays young people send less email than the older generation, this behaviour is likely to follow them in future employment. Social media will play a central part for young peoples communication, however email will still remain a important form of communication, more clear and personal.

Even if as many as 26% of young people prefer social media over email as a way of communication, email is still an important infomation channel. The content may be published on a webpage or a forum, but reaches it’s target as an email or a email notifcation.

In the “2010 Marketing Trends Survey” it’s shown that email along with social media is still in top over marketing strategy and will only increase over the next decade as shown in the following study.

So use your webiste, webshop or Facebook page as a communication platform, encourage your users and customers to use your forum. Send out vital information via email, this becomes a key priority if you work with ebusiness, recriutment and ‘know-how’ products.

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