Newsletter vouchers lead to increase sales

We have recently gone through and analysed information and statistics regarding e-marketing and seen some interesting trends. USA is somewhat ahead of us in e-marketing and strategy development which makes trends and statistics from the USA interesting to us. Below is some facts and reflections regarding this information and examples of what doesn’t work.

According to the opening frequency for a newsletter will increase if you add an offer or a voucher. E-marketer show an increase of 10% for newsletter with an offer, which is quite good. We believe that it’s not the offer itself that will lead to an increase in sales but the feeling of getting something relevant, some value in the newsletter. But sending through endless amount of vouchers and expect an increase in sales wont work, the content of the newsletter have to relevant to the voucher which have to based on previous purchases and history of the customer. Relevancy is the key to target your marketing group.

35% of people in marketing believe e-marketing send through at the right time with content based on customers previous behaviour will increase sales. 57% believe is valuable. 70% of the marketing people mean that sales conversion on the web have increase the last 12 months, even though the market is slow. They also believe newsletters sent through as emails covert more sales compared to A/B tests of the website and usability tests.

Four important parts of e-marketing:
1. Your content should be relevant and clear
2. Add some value to your newsletter and customers; offer, voucher, knowledge etc.
3. Be clear and personal as sender
4. Let subscribers choose if they still want the newsletter, have an unsubscribe button.

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